Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Household Tools Can Men Use To Masterbate

The heavy hero's life ....

This listing is for the DSA-player on my friends list. More specifically, the DSA4 player.

How nunmal like (= /) is such, things do not always go as you might imagine in the group. Currently, we have once again so a hangover, mainly caused by too little time, or rather by poor time management. Somehow, none satisfied and to make matters worse, we just have no real adventure, we can play to our current system (Shadow Hunter / Dark Heresy).
must change her, even as we meet different and then by variety.

Long story short: We try to figure that System, we could play between Dark Heresy. In addition to Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu would be an option back to DSA to go. In DSA3 we know all of them for even good to have more than one hero groups, but the adventures we have much to offer. We would be back where we were a few years ago.

So why not try it DSA4? And since you are asking. Meanwhile, the rules v.4.1 yes, there are the basic rules and various extensions (this "way" volumes). What is worth to buy? Ranging from the basic rules, you also need the extensions or you can only see this and skips even the basic rules? I can well imagine that "Ways the hero "can be useful, perhaps even" way of the sword. "But I'm purely looking into the books yet and can only guess.

If you need the extensions, or at least a part of this is DSA4 apparently much more expensive than other systems. In any event, if you really want to play occasionally.
I guess the background knowledge you can get much of which dates from the old publications, even if has changed the history of some. But Tulamiden remain nunmal Tulamiden, and may the gods world not too much you have done ;-)

PS. It's really about me rules, not to additional volumes / boxes, such as regional volumes / boxes (Now are all just books, right?), Weapon lists, etc.


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